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Refinishing bathtubs, tile, countertops, sinks, and repairing fiberglass or acrylic tubs and showers

Top of the line fiberglass and acrylic shower or bathtub repair work at very affordable independent local rates.

driven by a passion for the artistry behind restoring old surfaces.

Leaking shower pan? Call The Refinish Pro!

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Cleaning, Polishing, and airbrushing<br>
Cleaning, Polishing, and airbrushing
Refinishing is all about experience and repetition. It takes many years to master the different surfaces that a technician may be required to work on day to day. However, once accomplished you can offer a unique perspective into different cleaning, restoring, and cost saving techniques. Sometimes a full refinish of a fixture is not required. Then we can save some things and resurface the rest. Sometimes our acrylic or fiberglass bathtubs just need to be polished. However, without the right experience with surfaces, the technician will offer what they can acheive. I strive to be independent and versatile to match the correct products with the right scenarios to offer endless options and solutions. Let The Refinish Pro give you a free consultation and save time, money, and headaches.
Fiberglass, Acrylic, and Porcelain Repair w/ color matching Bathtub Repair, shower repair, fiberglass tub shower repair, sink chip repair, tile repair, missing grout repair, vanity repair, surface reglazing and repair for your home kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Ultimate bathroom and kitchen remodeled.&nbsp;<br>
Fiberglass, Acrylic, and Porcelain Repair w/ color matching Bathtub Repair, shower repair, fiberglass tub shower repair, sink chip repair, tile repair, missing grout repair, vanity repair, surface reglazing and repair for your home kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Ultimate bathroom and kitchen remodeled. 
I have taken the best repair methods from the automotive refinishing industry to the aerospace painting industries to provide you with the same advanced level capabilities in you home or business. Kitchen and bathrooms and so much more can benefit from repairing porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, acrylic, and even sometimes concrete surfaces. With a highly trained and developed professional you get guaranteed results and ultra long-lasting work everytime. I have become dedicated to taking the extra costs out of the price to save every customer as much money possible without sacrificing any quality.
Commonly Restored
Revive your sink with a new gel coat. Repairing chips, cracks, and the wear and tear of a sink can add decades of life. Keep the characteristics of your home in your remodeling project and use resurfacing, refinishing, or reglazing as an option. Sinks are a high use item that requires special attention. Sometimes there is just a chip or damage in a bathroom sink that we can just spot repair color match and airbrush. 
Clawfoot tubs  and pedistal sinks can be very valuable and be hard to move as well. Don't take yours out when we can restore it to a near brand new appearance as well as provide the functionality you need. We can go as far as to restore the feet, the inside, and the outside, as well as sometimes restore the fixtures The Refinish Pro can help you to do the best we can to refinish these fixtures on site However, sometimes they are better done off site.for full out restorations and refinish. 
cleaning / polishing <br>
cleaning / polishing
Over the last decade we have offered more solutions to save you money. We have found that we can clean, polish, compound, and wax many of the surfaces that we refinish and still provide a near new glazed look. This is availible the same day for use and does not require the 24 hr dry times. This is not always possible but The Refinish Pro is always looking for ways to give you more while spending the the least. If cleaning and polishing, grouting, or caulking can benefit you. We will let you know.
Chips in various fixtures and appliances&nbsp;
Chips in various fixtures and appliances 
If you have retals or pricy appliances you may want to keep them. We can repair almost anything as well as get scratches and perfect stainless steel. Everything is precicely color matched, air brushed, and seemlessly repaired. It will seam like magic when we are finished.
Restoring and resurfacing tile is a great way to improve the look of your bathroom. We repair cracked tiles and re grout showers. Resurfacing is an easy fix to matching a broken tile without searching for the exact existing color. If you need to patch in the tile because of a broken valve. Refinishing can make it new again without the hassle of tearing out all the tile and starting over. Many times we can restore grout and give the tile a transformed look with an added stone finish that closely resembles granite or marble.
shower bases&nbsp;
shower bases 
Sometimes resurfacing, refinishing, or reglazing your entire shower is not the most cost effective solution and we can just reface the shower base. Custom non visible permanent slip resistant surfaces are availible for protection agains slipping and falling. Great for hotels and apartments looking to refresh just the bottoms of their tubs, showers, and tubshowers.  
cracked and leaking shower, tubshower, and base&nbsp;structural reenforcement&nbsp;
cracked and leaking shower, tubshower, and base structural reenforcement 
If your shower or bathtub feels sponquee or lacks support, before you tear it out call us. We can completely reenforce your bathtub or shower base to make it feel sturdy again. We use the highest quality fiberglass materials and resins to rebuild the surface while adding a brand new slip resistant finish that does not stand out and looks very close to the factory like finish. It is especially important to hire a pro when dealing with plastic, pvc, and acrylic tubs or showers that need to be reinforced or need a crack repaired so that the right methods and materials are used. The Refinish Pro can provide you with years of experience and know how to deal with repairs that seem impossible. If your tub is leaking and your in a pinch, call us and we will get you looking as good as new.   
Fiberglass / acrylic repair&nbsp;
Fiberglass / acrylic repair 
Cracks, chips, scratches, dents, and all imperfections are able to be repaired with state of the art techniques. Color matched and available for virtually any object that is made of fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, ceramic, and some composites. Cracks in fiberglass and acrylic showers and tubs requires certain procedures that have to be done or they can easily re crack. Make sure to hire a pro like The Refinish Pro before getting your repair. I strive to give my customers near factory looking repairs while lasting as long as possible and coming to you at the lowest price.
I can make you love your existing countertops again! Resurfacing can offer a cost effective way to repair and refinish you countertops without removing your sinks and appliances and be available for use within a day. Virtually any color combinations and offered with a satin like clear coat finish that is as strong as a peice of stone. I offer finishes that resemble granite, quartz, and natural stone to save you tremendous amounts of money while transforming your kitchen countertops. Ask about the speck finish that is available.  
Showers, tubshowers, stand up, gang showers, and single stall showers can be refinished, reglazed, or resurfaced to a near new condition and easily adds the ability to eliminate shower doors to simply install a curtain rod for easier cleaning and maintnence. Don't forget we can apply the spec finish that gives you a custom granite, marble, or quarts like finish and extra durability of multiple layers of coatings.
Serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Cheyenne, and Surrounding Areas
Standard bathtub refinish, reglaze, or resurface 
Standard bathtub refinish, reglaze, or resurface&nbsp;
Typical 5ft bathtub that has not been previously refinished. Color matched to toilet and recaulked. If your bathtub has a previous finish that is starting to peel or fail there will be an extra charge required for removal of this coating through a chemical process,
standard shower refinish, reglaze, or resurface 
standard shower refinish, reglaze, or resurface&nbsp;
Stand-up shower with removal of shower door, fill holes, repair chips, matched the color tothe  toilet, and caulked the shower back in place to finish it off. The surface of the shower then looked just like a new factory shower was installed. This level of resurfacing and reglazing is so good that it is hard to even tell that it was refinished. They will never know.
Standard one peice tub shower unit refinish, reglaze, or resurfacing 
Standard one peice tub shower unit refinish, reglaze, or resurfacing&nbsp;
Fiberglass tub shower one peice units with shower door removal, holes filled, chip repair, and  recaulked.
standard chip / small crack service call charge and repair 
standard chip / small crack&nbsp;service call&nbsp;charge and repair&nbsp;
Fill, repair, color match, and airbrush gel coat on bathtubs, showers, tub shower combos, tile, sinks, surrounds, whirlpools, jacuzzis, some pools, also jet removal is an option as well.
Got a leak in your plumbing? Can't find quick access?&nbsp; make your access and then I make it dissapear and look like new again!<br>
Got a leak in your plumbing? Can't find quick access?  make your access and then I make it dissapear and look like new again!
Holes are patched, filled, reenforced, color matched, and gel coated for a flewless finish. Great timesave and solution that is available for use within a day. 
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Josh is a salt of the earth person that works hard at nothing short of perfection. His professionalism and abilities are top notch. I have personally overseen nearly 30k dollars of their fine work. You won't find anyone better or more economical.Chad Bartelson, former Project Director with TR Lodging Entrrprises. Owner of Wellington, KS KOA Campground.
When we moved into our house we had a weird stain in our master bath tub that drove us nuts. We tried every over the counter cleaner and bleach you can find . Last resort...let's get quotes to have it painted.My wife called The Refinish Pro to provide us a quote. Josh  showed up within just a few hours of us placing the first call. Josh took one look and with confidence said that he would do everything to get the stain out. He said it would be challenging - but one he wanted to tackle.I really appreciated his honesty and willingness to try removing the stain first rather than charging us a lot of money to paint it. Not only did they get the stain out, but they refinished the floor of the tub making it look brand new.Their professionalism, transparency, friendliness, and hard work is nothing short of top notch. We couldn't have been more pleased with their work .They didn't want to leave until it looked absolutely perfect. I would not hesitate recommending The Refinish Pro to anyone...they were wonderful. Thank you!
Joshua did a wonderful job of beautifying our old bathtub, which in turn beautified our bathroom. Thanks to the both of you. You are a great team and we highly recommend The Refinish Pro to anyone doing remodelingprojects.
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