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Pink Cast Iron Porcelain Bathtub Before

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Pink Cast Iron Porcelain Bathtub After

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Steel Tub After Polish

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Fixing Peeling Finish From Competitors

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A Resurfaced or reglazed bathtub with a pure white finish. The tub is a baked porcelain over cast iron. Oil rubbed bronze finished drain and overflow
Bathtub refinishing
A good Bathtub Resurfacing job requires attention to detail in the preperation. A bathtub is an environment that gets wet often and the surfaces are usually porcelain, enamel, fiberglass, or acrylic. All of these elements together create a job that requires experience, patience, repetition, and a certain level of perfection. It also requires an understanding of the right chemicals and coatings to be used together to produce a long lasting and solid performing finish that is properly adhered to the surface. Another important element to producing a long lasting tub resurfacing job is the spraying itself. The Refinish Pro applys a new surface to the bathtub by spraying modified urethane coatings that will stay flexible without cracking over time. I have learned over the years that one of the biggest attributes to having a quality refinished bathtub that gives you that 15 to 20 year lifespan is to have the entire tub evenly coated with a certain mil thickness of coating.The surface must be able to deal with the wear and tear of us taking baths and cleaning the surface over and over throughout the years. I will typically come back to the job a second day to ensure that the surface is smooth and free of sags, runs, pits, and blemishes. I will then do any polishing that is necessary to perfect the surface. I will then apply a slip resistent surface to the bottom of the tub where you would stand to add a layer of protection to the homeowners, tenants, and business owners. I finish the tub off by caulking it in. I recommend on newly tiled and grouted jobs to supply a color matched grout caulking to give the overall job a seamless look. Otherwise, I will use a white silicone that matches the white of the newly refinished tub very closely. Feel free to ask for other color options for your refinish. Many customers are remodeling the whole bathroom and want to have all the fixtures match and you can get a custom color matched tub refinish.


Save Time Save Money

*Porcelain Bathtubs will literally look and feel brand new again

*Fiberglass Bathtubs will be adhered correctly with the proper preperation

*Acrylic Bathtubs will be properly treated and bonded without any peeling

*Cast Iron Tubs are resurfaced and have a new surface thats porcelain strong

*Steel Tubs can have the enamel completely re applied to a factory look and feel

*Leaking Bathtubs are able to be reinforced and rebuilt with various fiberglass techniques

*Cracked Bathtubs can be repaired, color matched, and eliminated to a factory look

*Outdated color can easily be changed to a more modern look

*Just a plain old filthy tub can be made into a new center peace to you bathroom with little effort

*Chips and scratches are eliminated and properly filled

*Low spots that collect water and stay wet can be eliminated and restored to draining properly

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